Origen Bracelet (Made-To-Order)

$1,500.00 USD

Juanita Care is an independent avant-garde jewelry and vegan accessories born in France, 2017. Punk aesthetic meets artistic freedom, a fusion of fear, desire, revolt, and seduction. Each piece embodies the poetry of evolving bodies. Welcome to a realm where expression knows no bounds.

Bracelet based on the walls of Cusco, Peru, and on paYerns of organisaXon of maYer on a biological and cultural level. With three onyx stones inlaid. PaYerns: repXles, cells, natural bark, corn.

Material: Sterling silver, polished finish, inlaid onyx.

Dimensions: Circumference 23cm Width 4,3cm Thickness 0,5cm.

This item is made-to -order and will be shipped from Mexico in 1 to 2 Weeks.

Domestic(Mexico): $15.00 USD

US & Canada: $20.00 USD

EU: $20.00 USD

Rest of the World: $20.00 USD