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I Have Strange Dreams When I Go To Bed Hungry

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Kendra, Yee,


Kendra Yee is a Toronto-based artist, designer, and curator. Be it ceramic sculptures; a visual language so spectacularly rich in its mark-making or the whimsical realization of these characters in clay.Yee centres her practice around the exploration of her lived experience, in conjunction with collective memory. In such a way, she forms childlike, almost speculative worlds, where fluid characters come to life, no longer confined to the planes of the second-dimension, but corporeal, tactile beings. Yee attended the Ontario College of Art and Design University until 2017 and most recently, was an artist in residence as well as exhibited at Juxtaprojects in NYC (2019). In addition she has worked on a few recent projects which include; editorial illustration, branding, art direction, workshop programming and site specific installations. We met up with her at her studio to have a chat.

As an artist you work in a variety of mediums. Do you find it challenging to...

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Michelle, Foran,


Michelle Foran received a BFA from the OCADUin 2018 and lives and works in Toronto, Canada.With playful intervention, vibrant colour and gestural composition, her multidisciplinary practice explores visual order and play as a means to revive the livelihood of materials. She is curious about familiar visual queues melding in with the bizarre, and adopting objects of mundane, brute natures to stir up the potent vibrancy inherent in all things. Similar motives drive her two-dimensional works, capturing the romance of the day-to-day on 35mm and painting to embrace colour as well as the exuberance of simple forms and shapes. We caught up with her in her beautiful downtown apartment to talk about all things life and art.

How has 2020 been so far for you? Any New Year’s resolutions you are still partaking in?
It’s pretty complicated. I recently got a full-time office job in a post-production agency that has been consuming my Monday to Friday. In the sense that I’m trying something completely new, I feel like I’m steering away from living the weird artist life (my ideal life).

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