It All Works Out In The End

Keeping up with the SIMS

Stuff Pack

Baked Salmon and Chips

With Barra Bread and Ashleys Milk for Desert

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!

Short Summer


Fish — Caviar for your ears. Pinks reds blues purples bruises peaches plums. An evening out, a pearlescent sheen to finish the outfit, dangling from a hook off your lobe, like a fish hooked on a line or looped in plastic—a sheen like oil and water (prey, ensnared: pray). — Fish
Cowgirl — Howdy, cowgirl! Shine up those boots and head to the farm or for a night out on the town. Sparkling in the sun, walking through the fields, the muck and mud of a beer-filled dancefloor. These lil fellas will bring a sparkle to your eye and a scoot to your boot. Whether the boots are noticed by friends (caught up in the glimmer of snakeskin and sterling silver) or caught in the galaxy eye of a Holstein-Friesian, the green grass, the blue skies, the dark den of the dance cave, will pale in comparison to the twinkle of your toes. — Cowgirl
Hedge — Trim your bush! This handbag requires 4 to 6 hours of sun everyday, low amounts of water—grows slowly. Make sure the climate conditions of where you are located will benefit this spectacular bag. Pairs well with gardening shears and denim overalls. — Hedge
S'mores — Just what is it that makes this campfire so different, so appealing? Throw some logs on the fire, curse a bit, use up all the saved newspaper, blow until your face turns red. Finally, the blaze is roaring, the marshmallows are out. Delicate pillowy spheres—marshmallow globules. A toast to the foray ...

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