Orbital Ear Cuff — Silver

$82.00 USD

Introducing Nowhere Soon Studio, a London-based jewellery brand founded by a multidisciplinary creative turned goldsmith. Nowhere Soon's unique pieces, crafted using ancient casting techniques and sustainable materials, are distinguished by a rich visual language inspired by fluid consistencies and changing emotional states of mind. Each handcrafted piece serves as a totem, reconnecting wearers to moments in their lives. With strong ethics centered around sustainability, quality, and longevity, every piece is meticulously crafted in the London atelier. Discover Nowhere Soon Studio's collection for jewellery that speaks to both style and soul.

Everyday wear ear cuff - 16mm

Handcrafted in London

Recycled NHS XRAY Silver 

High polish finish, rustic and handcrafted surface

Mould carved from recycled cheese wax

This item is made to order and will be shipped from London in 10 to 12 days after production.

Domestic (UK): $6.30 USD

EU: $12.62 USD

US & Canada: $18.93 USD

Rest of the World: $18.93 USD