Lip Necklace

$197.00 USD

Alisa Cayoo is an avant-garde jewelry brand based in Paris, with a global presence. Inspired by "cailloux" (French for pebbles), our pieces encapsulate the essence of small stones. Her jewelry is a unique fusion of memories, a reflection of Alisa's nomadic journey. Each piece tells a personal story, created from sentimental keepsakes gathered during her travels. With over 100 distinct creations, our collections celebrate individuality. Authenticity is at our core. Alisa's mission is to inspire others to tell their stories through unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Traveling the world, she carefully selects artifacts, predominantly metal objects, blending modern elements and nature finds. Discover the narrative within each piece at Alisa Cayoo—a brand where jewelry is a personal journey.

Introducing Alisa Cayoo's "Lips Necklace," a stunning piece crafted from upcycled metal objects and chains. This unique accessory features a logo tag and a convenient carabiner for a comfortable fit. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of an adjustable length, ensuring a perfect and personalized style. Elevate your look with sustainable fashion at its finest.

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This item is in made-to-order and will be shipped from Paris in 2 to 3 Weeks after production.

Domestic (France): Free

International: $17.00 USD