Jewel Engraved Belt

$116.00 USD

604SERVICE is a brand that pushes boundaries each season. Focused on the core concepts of unbalance and freedom, the brand creates fashion pieces accessible to everyone, regardless of gender or race. Dedicated to helping people experiment with bolder styles and express themselves in new ways, 604SERVICE is a journey into uncharted style territories.

Introducing our statement piece of the season – the Belted Elegance, a harmonious fusion of modern design and timeless allure. Adorned with a sculptural jewel-engraved buckle, this belt is a masterpiece in sophistication.

Crafted with precision, the 3mm high-quality faux leather belt ensures a luxurious feel against your waist. The laser imprint on the back of the buckle adds an extra touch of refinement, making this accessory a true work of art.

Styled with the Roses Embossed Leather Jacket in Ecru, Roses Embossed Slit Jeans, and the Beaded Hair Scrunchie in Pigment Light Grey, this ensemble is a celebration of fashion that transcends trends.

Material: Belt: 100% Polyester, Buckle: Tin

Model Information: Our model, standing at 5'4" / 164cm, wears Size F

Size OS in CM:

Length: 114.5

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