Hydnellum Peckii Choker — Violet

$103.00 USD

Established in 2022 by South-Korean artist David Kim, UK-born creative director Sasha Maria Bell, and Argentinian architect Sofia Lorenzo, Funghi draws inspiration from the patterns of wild mushrooms. Sofia digitally modeled the entire collection, replicating the organic growth process. Funghi encapsulates nature's vastness through a digital lens within a 3D matrix, creating unique, sustainably crafted products blending organic colors with recycled materials.

Handmade sculptural resin pieces designed algorithmically in visual coding software Grasshopper, inspired by Hydnellum Peckii, a fungus in the genus Hydnellum of the family Bankeraceae.

Handmade in South Korea using non-toxic materials. Hypoallergenic silver-plated chains with an engraved Funghi logo.

One size with an adjustable closure. Diameter 13.8 inches.

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Domestic (Italy): $10.00 USD

US & Canada: $30.00 USD

Rest of the World: $30.00 USD