Felt Wood Dress

$740.30 USD

Founded in 2020 by Evangelina Julia, Evade House focuses on sustainable fashion and inclusivity. The brand offers unisex clothing, challenging traditional norms. Evade House targets those who value responsible consumption, aiming for a nomadic, adventurous, and sustainable lifestyle. The use of Braille labels, rough materials, and thick wool fabrics reflects a conscious responsibility towards the blind community. Future collections will focus on using hemp, algae, and recycled garments to create new fabrics.

The Mid-Leg Length Open Back Dress features a front panel closed with a wood stick and crochet lace to be held at the neck. The back panel is closed with handmade crochet lace, and the whole dress is covered with a layer of handmade felt knit.

Material: 100% cotton, 100% alpaca wool

Size S: Shoulder: 36cm, Hips: 42cm, Front Length: 147cm

Please take care: Dry clean only.

This item is made to order and will be shipped from  Spain in 1 to 3 Week after production.

Domestic (Spain): $11.00 USD

EU: $22.00 USD

UK: $28.00 USD

US & Canada: $45.00 USD

Rest of the World: $45.00 USD