Baby Pink Spike Sunglasses

$296.00 USD

Florentina Leitner, an Austrian fashion and knitwear maestro, honed her craft at the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in the Fashion Department. Her collections seamlessly blend elegance with a captivating playfulness. Robust silhouettes and distinctive shapes harmonize with intricate prints and unconventional fabric mixes, defining the unique allure of her creations.

Revolutionizing style with sustainability: Florentina's chic Baby Pink sunglasses, a collaboration with Yuma Labs. Crafted from fully recyclable materials, these shades not only elevate your look but also champion eco-conscious fashion.

Composition: Acetate of which 70% bio-based material (wood and cotton pulp)

Color: The shades are Baby Pink with pink lenses.

Ships from Belgium