Pink Beast Pantie

$160.00 USD

LIZA KEANE is a London-based brand redefining contemporary femininity by crafting clothing that combines sensuality with a sense of empowerment. Their debut collection, BEAST FW22, draws inspiration from personal experiences and philosophical influences. The brand's core identity revolves around art, where Keane uses clay and leather sculpting to experiment with pattern cutting and mold-making, mirroring the human body's natural contours. LIZA KEANE prioritizes innovation and sustainability, using up-cycled or dead-stock materials, with a commitment to 100% natural fibers for their luxury fashion items.

Silk satin panties with elasticized edges and logo embroidery

100% Organic Cotton jersey lining and 100% silk.

Made in United Kingdom.

Ships from London.

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Domestic: £7.00 GBP

EU: $15.00 USD

US, Canada & Mexico: $45.00 USD

Rest of the World: $50.00 USD