Meta Angel Jeans

$90.00 USD

Dydoshop, established in 2020 by Doyun Ha and currently headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, is a creative hub crafting wearable apparel and products. Our designs draw inspiration from the rich tapestry of visual media, particularly influenced by music and spontaneous moments.

Introducing a must-have in every wardrobe—a pair of cool and versatile denim pants! Crafted from solid raw denim, these pants boast stylish embroidery and star-imprinted buttons. With a straighter fit than the Loose version, they add a touch of cool to any daily ensemble.

Standard Fit:
( Waist / Length ) : 33cm / 110cm

(Thigh/Crotch) : 28 cm / 40 cm

Loose Fit:
( Waist / Length ) : 36cm / 112cm
(Thigh/Crotch) : 30 cm / 30 cm