Gal Earrings Mint

$104.00 USD $260.00 USD

Nathalie Schreckenberg Jewelry is a line of handcrafted jewelry. The collections consist of elemental, timeless pieces, which retain an organic and raw feeling to them. Silver, natural gems and pearls are molded into ergonomic jewels that adapt comfortably to the body. The beauty of imperfection, simplicity and natural shapes were the main influences of the line. Each piece reflects manual processes, connecting with the wearer, like ancient amulets for current times.


Gal is composed of three parts, a sterling silver piece, New Jade gem and ends with a unique Baroque Pearl. Because we use natural gemstones variations in shape and color occur, we consider this part of the beauty of our pieces. Handcrafted in Spain.


Length 4,5 cm/ Width 2 cm

Weight 17 gr/Pair