Cupid Luv Tie Pants

$110.00 USD

Zemeta, a New York City-based designer of South Korean-American origin, brings a unique perspective with a background in graphic design within the fashion industry. Specializing in creating nostalgic and dreamy contemporary streetwear, Zemeta's designs beautifully capture the essence of the present and future within the vibrant subculture of NYC.

Luv Cupid Pants cuz you are ready to giddy-up. These denim pants are high rise with a detachable waist loop design. The details of the suede ribbon just add spice to these flare denim pants. 

Model wearing size S.

Material: non-span Denim material.

Care: Machine wash cold tumble dry 

This item is in stock and will be shipped from New York in 3 to 5 Business Days.

Domestic (US): $6.00 USD

International: $30.00 USD